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Thesis paper asylum
Reading, Moroccan-Algerian border, 2017

On March 22, 2017, Florian Tscharf read the »Thesis paper asylum« of the German party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) to the African desert. The reading is streamed live via Youtube.

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Loop, 00:07”02, Israel, 2017

Loop of 10 still images of Florian Tscharf’s passport in front of the Holot Detention Center, photographed in January 2017.

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Mayday Relay
Shortfilm, 14:28, Mediterranean Sea, 2016

When the german sailor Max and his daughter Emily receive a mayday-call on the Mediterranean Sea, they act immediately: They change the course of their little sailing-boat and try to involve other ships. But then they understand, that there are over hundred people on the damaged boat – and Max and Emily are the only one trying to help. A short film about the ongoing refugee crisis in front of Europe.

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Fukushima Water 福島ウォーター
Campaign, Film, Mixed Media, 2015

Four years after the disaster of Fukushima-Daichii a brand-new energy drink conquers the Japanese beverage market and quickly becomes a cult product in all age groups: Fukushima Water. With a perfidious marketing strategy, the drink advertises itself as »energy water« - a natural mineral water with an artificial additive. Just a bad advertising stunt of a japanese beverage company or the most absurd product in the world?  

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